At 39 Design + Engineering, we pride ourselves on providing complete product development services.
With expertise in both industrial design and engineering, 39 Design + Engineering offers a full scope of services
from ideation to production.


Project stages may include:

·       Ideation

·       Concept generation

·       Concept development

·       Prepare CAD models of parts and assembly

·       Detail design

·       Engineering

·       Prepare patent application drawings and description

·       Issue drawings and 3D CAD models for prototyping

·       Prototype assembly

·       Prototype testing

·       CAD model revisions

· Prototype iterations

·       Issue drawings and 3D CAD models for production


Industrial Design gets its name as a profession from the period when industrial machines were used to manufacture products for mass production and consumption - as opposed to one-offs or small runs made by craftsmen often using traditional methods.

Industrial design can be a confusing combination of words, especially when used around a mechanical engineer. Industrial Engineers design equipment for use in industry – often to create the products designed by industrial designers!

After graduating from McGill University’s department of Mechanical Engineering Jimmy spent 1 ½ years working in Santiago, Chile doing mechanical engineering for projects at CODELCO, Chile’s nationally owned copper mining corporation. He specifically worked on converter off-gas treatment systems and bulk ore handling systems.

With a desire to explore beyond mining and metallurgical technical standards, that often limit the range of solutions that the age-old mining industry relied on, Jimmy decided to go back to school to seek a more creative way to use his engineering skills. For Jimmy, Industrial Design, with its insight into how people interact with objects, complemented engineering in the perfect way. In 2003, Jimmy graduated from the Industrial Design program at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto. 

39 Design + Engineering has a structured design process. It is rooted in the engineering world and combined with the creative process honed at OCADU. Mechanical Engineering allows the function of the product to be optimized but also informs a deep understanding of how things are made. Industrial Design gives the aesthetic and usability of the product.

More than 20 years of engineering and design projects give us a deep well of experience to tackle demanding projects. 39 Design + Engineering can be relied upon to provide personal service through concept, design, engineering and execution. Structural and electrical engineering services are also available.

Jimmy is a member of ACIDO, the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario, serving on the board as secretary. He is also a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario and holds membership in both PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario) and OSPE (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers).



Jim Chestnutt
VP, Production at Momentum Worldwide

I was tasked with managing the creation of a trophy dedicated to the fans on behalf of TELUS and the CFL. 
Where do you start?  How do you incorporate the fans?  What does this look like?  How much does it cost? 

I was put in touch with Jimmy who jumped into this challenge head first. From the initial sketch to the finished product
Jimmy was involved 110%. He sourced and managed all the vendors, put up with tight timelines and was an integral part to the success of a huge program that put over 8000 fans names in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

I can safely say the experience and dedication was beyond any payment that he could ever receive.
This was a passion project for myself and Jimmy and I am proud of the work we did together on this historic program. 

Please see this video recap highlighting the journey of the Fan Cup. 



Cameron Shute
Director of Product at G3 Genuine Guide Gear

Jimmy's focus, drive and perseverance were both inspiring and insightful to me during the time we
worked together. By him staying positive and focused on doing everything we could to succeed in spite of
seemingly insurmountable challenges, he led us down a path to a successful product launch.



Patrick Belanger
President and Founder at Hikaritech inc. LED Power Supplies / Electronic Engineering Contractor

Jimmy is a person to recommend for all your Mechanical Engineering projects.
I have had chances to work with him on different projects and I enjoyed his
professionalism, honesty and friendliness.

Thanks Jimmy.