Story Planet is a non-profit organization that runs workshops that build communication and literacy skills. The Alien Spaceship was designed and built by a community team including 39 Design + Engineering.  The form of the spaceship was to have no reference to preconceived notions of what an alien spaceship should look like. The spaceship is lit from the inside by 4,000 addressable LED lights driven by code which is uploaded to a teensy microprocessor and powered by a battery.

About the “Alien Has Landed” experience:

Kids arrive at school to find a cordoned-off area in the schoolyard. Inside it is the spaceship
(yet not looking quite like a spaceship), dark and mysterious. There is a police car present as well as
official-looking folk in masks and full body suits. As the kids’ curiosity intensifies suddenly the
LED lights on the ship begin to light up in various patterns.

The kids spend the rest of the workshop figuring out their version of what the alien spaceship is, where it came from,
why it landed etc. Sparking imagination, creativity and literacy skills through storytelling. Fabulous!

Story Planet 1 JH.jpg
Story Planet 4 JH crop.jpg
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