The Telus Fan Cup is made of birch, stainless steel, copper and bronze.  To commemorate the
100th anniversary of the Grey Cup, Telus and GMR Marketing commissioned the design and
construction of the Telus Fan Cup to 39 Design + Engineering.

The trophy was presented to the Executive Director of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in the
Rogers Center in front of 53,000 fans. The trophy could not exceed ¾ of the height of the Grey Cup
but needed to allow for the names of 8,000 fans which are engraved on the vertical panels of the trophy.
The names were collected through a campaign that included a cross-Canada train voyage.

The panels are double-sided with a fan on the top of each. As a panel is flipped, the adjacent panel flips. When the panels are flipped in succession there is a reference to the fans doing “the wave”. The top of the trophy is capped with a cast, scaled replica of the Grey Cup being hoisted by a player after victory.

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