Yoke shelves are well suited for use in tight quarters as well as spacious environments. The wall mount feature
liberates floor space while Yoke’s transparency makes it sensitive to the continuity of the room.

Custom stainless steel wall brackets take the load from above and below. The Baltic Birch plywood frames and shelves,
free of unsightly voids, provide a solid structure. A clear coat protects the wood. Made of premium materials, Yoke shelves are built to last.

Most of the faculty offices at OCADU are outfitted with yoke shelves.
The OCADU Yoke Shelves feature custom shelf height and depth.


The unique slotted configuration is sturdy and makes assembly easy. The frame is sandwiched by the wall bracket and fixed in place with a pin. The wood and filleted corners make the Yoke shelf approachable and tactile.